Monday, January 30, 2012

Mattie's On Sale

Brighten up the winter doldrums with these colorful Mattie Waterproof Ankle Boots from Gardener's Supply and save 29%!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Caladium Giveaway

The Central Florida Gardener blog is hosting a spring giveaway of 2 - $55 gift certificates from Happiness Farms, Inc.   

So, click here to head on over to Central Florida Gardener to sign up for a chance to win one of the two gift certificates.


Monday, January 31, 2011

A Time-saving Plant & Seed Finder, plus Free Garden Catalogs

Searching online nursery offerings is a quick way to find what you're looking for and compare prices, but using one of the well known search engines can turn up a lot of irrelevant links.  Our sister-site has come up with their own customized Plant & Seed Finder which contains 1,500 plus nurseries. When you enter a common or botanical plant name, you'll get a list of links to nurseries offering that particular plant.

Th customized Plant & Seed Finder will save you time and lots of frustration. Try it now by entering a common or botanical name below:

I always get excited when I find a plant catalog in my mailbox, and I can't wait to sit down and look at all the beautiful photos. If you prefer to flip through plant catalogs in your leisure time, here's a couple of nurseries with great plant and tree selections offering free catalogs:

Schreiner's Iris Gardens


Nature Hill's Nursery

Klehm's Song Sparrow

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

You CAN Grow Flowers in Winter

Is the weather keeping you from gardening? For many gardeners, winter means dreaming about gardening instead of actually doing it. While, you may not be able to get out in your garden, you can still garden on a small scale and enjoy some beautiful homegrown flowers.

Amaryllis are perfect for growing near a sunny window. So easy to plant, and a real mood-lifter in the midst of winter. Right now you can generally find them on sale at your local box store, and if you can't or you want a larger selection to choose from, Blooming Bulb has them on sale for up to 55% off the regular price.

Carolyn at Aiken House & Gardens may be snowbound on Prince Edward Island, but she's enjoying a pretty collection of amaryllis growing in front of a window. By the way, you'll want to check out Carolyn's garden which is beautiful in all four seasons.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Savings

Autumn is a great time to purchase BARGAIN PRICES at Blooming Bulb, including 60% off Oriental Lily mixes.

At this time of year, I always purchase a new plant variety I've never tried before. And, if I'm satisfied with its performance next summer, I'll purchase a couple additional plants to create a bigger impact in my garden the following fall.

Last year I purchased a Royal Standard hosta...I was hesitant because hostas don't fare well in my hot and humid climate, but they guaranteed me this variety would grow in my zone 9 garden. I'm thrilled that the hosta bloomed and is quickly multiplying, as well. This year I'm in search of a new amaryllis variety.

What new plants are you searching for?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn Specials at Nature Hill's

Summer might be winding down, but there are still plenty of specials out there to take advantage of as autumn approaches. Nature Hill's has several specials going on through the autumn months:

10% off all fall bulbs (over 150 items to choose from)

20% off all bushes and shrubs including some of their more popular varieties:

* Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle Vine  (pictured above)

* Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (PP10328)

* Sassafras Tree

* Burning Bush - Compacta

* Boxwood - North Star

Click here to order a Free Nature Hills Nursery Catalog

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Shipping Offers

Happy Monday Fellow Gardeners...

I've come across two "Free Shipping" offers that I want to pass along to you.

The first is Onalee's Seed & Plants. She's offering free shipping in the USA with a minimum purchase of $5. Her selection of plants and seeds include: datura, morning glories, salvia, vines, groundcovers and lilies.

Secondly, Blooming Bulb is offering free shipping on selected varieties which include: astilbe, daylilies, fruits/vegetables, groundcovers and hostas.

Stay tuned for more bargains on Garden Bargains Online!

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